Youth Unprescribed - Over The Age Of Youth (2020)

Youth Unprescribed - Over The Age Of Youth (2020)

Drama , Family , Medical | 41 min

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The university life of a group of medical students unfolds in a grounded youth drama about finding yourself, rejecting labels, and pursuing dreams. Southeast Medical University has just started a new school year. Wu Yue who dreams of becoming a surgeon meets seven other classmates. In the process of exploring the mysteries of medicine, they discover each other's quirks and personalities that often also becomes a source of their problems. In fact, Wu Yue and Gao Yiyang are just like two planets colliding. 

A young girl accompanying her sickly mother to the doctor also enters their lives. How fleeting life is and how precious relationships are ignited strong feelings in the eight students who will eventually take their Hippocratic oath in unison in their journey to becoming real doctors.

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Youth Unprescribed - Over The Age Of Youth (2020)