Waiting in the Dark - Kurai tokoro de machiawase (2006)

Waiting in the Dark - Kurai tokoro de machiawase (2006)

Romance , Mystery , Drama | 2 hr. 10 min

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Michiru (Rena Tanaka) is a woman who lost her sight in a car accident, living with her father in a house near a train station. But her father suddenly dies and Michiru decides to live alone. Every morning, Michiru listens to the sound of express train passing through the station. One day, Michiru notices the sound of the train is different from the usual one. On TV, news tells that there was a train accident which killed a man and is suspected to be a murder. And some time later, her door bell rings. A man is standing in front of her house. She can sense someone is there, but he does not answer. He succeeds in slipping in to her house without being noticed by Michiru. The man's name is Akihiro (Chen Bo-lin). He is the person, on TV, who is being suspected to be the murderer of the train accident that day. Akihiro, after sneaking in to her house, heads to the window where he can see the train station where the accident happened. Who is Akihiro? Is he really the murderer? Will Michiru be safe in her house alone with a stranger? Thrilling and strange life of Michiru and Akihiro begins.