Unique Lady - Lascivious Lady (2019)

Unique Lady - Lascivious Lady (2019)

Action , Comedy , Romance , History , Fantasy | 38 min

5.4 719 10 0


Lin Luo Jing accidentally gets drawn into a game world where she is the daughter of the prime minister and meets all kind of beautiful men with different personalities. Among them are a sword deity, an imperial bodyguard, a playful rich man and an arrogant prince. The system informs her that she can only return to the real world after she finds her true love. While there seems to be an abundance of good men around Luo Jing, there is one man she can’t stand at all: the prince of the barbarian Yuan Kingdom Zhong Wu Mei. But out of all men, she ends up in an arranged marriage with Wu Mei. 
Thus begins their love-hate relationship and her journey to find true love in order to win the game.


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Unique Lady - Lascivious Lady (2019)