The Love Song - Da Ren Qing Ge (2016)

The Love Song - Da Ren Qing Ge (2016)

Romance , Drama , Family | 60 min

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Loneliness sometimes puts strange ideas into your head. Jiang Hsiao Chien is a married woman who is lonely most of the time because her husband works in Mainland China. In order to feel less alone, Hsiao Chien establishes her own community apartment so that she can surround herself with people and create a warm sense of home. But Ho Hsiao Chuen, Hsiao Chien’s first love and ex-boyfriend, becomes one of her new neighbors. As the two begin to interact with each other again under the same roof, their feelings for each other return. What will Hsiao Chien do when she is faced with the choice of following her heart or staying true to her marriage?

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The Love Song - Da Ren Qing Ge (2016)