The Lady and The Liar - Lady & Liar (2015)

The Lady and The Liar - Lady & Liar (2015)

Romance , History , Drama | 45 min

5.2 719 10 0


Produced by the same production team as, Lan Ling Wang, Autumn's Concerto and Material Queen, the drama is loosely based on Hosokawa Chieko's manga 'Hakushaku Reijo'. Set in 1930's Shanghai, our protgaonist Jiang Xin is in search of her family.Originally the heiress of a well-off family, Jiang Xin went missing for years. When she is discovered and on the cusp of returning home, she loses her memory in an accident, and her identity is stolen by female thief Du Xiao Han. Xiaohan then takes on Jiang Xin’s life, while Jiang Xin falls into the hands of mafia boss Bai Zhengjie, who conceals her past in order to keep her by his side. In the meantime, Jiang Xin’s previous lover, the blind Sheng Jie Wen, desperately searches for her.

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The Lady and The Liar - Lady & Liar (2015)