The Good Detective - Silence (2020)

The Good Detective - Silence (2020)

Detective , Mystery , Drama | 60 min

7.4 719 10 0


Neither the forensic skills nor the deductive or inductive reasoning skills fit the description of the detective in his 18th year, Gang Do Chang. However, his true qualities lies in being righteous and diligent. Returning from a 1-year leave of absence, Oh Ji Hyuk is a graduate of the Korean National Police University who can be a little unsympathetic, but he specializes in catching criminals based on his keen insight and attention to detail. The two with completely different characteristics are put into a team and become involved with a crime from five years ago that ended with the murderer Lee Dae Chul’s death sentence. Being the detective who undoubtedly arrested Dae Chul at the time, Do Chang finds himself in a tight spot when he comes across the evidence that proves Dae Chul’s innocence, following a recent murder case involving Dae Chul’s daughter, Lee Eun Hye. If the verdict is overruled, not only Do Chang but also all parties related to the ruling will be held responsible. Caught in the middle of those who seek power and those who seek the truth with evidence against him piling up, Do Chang tries to act upon his guiding principles to properly settle the lose-lose situation. It’s now up to The Good Detective to either save the innocent man from a wrongful execution or submit himself to a tempting corruption.

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The Good Detective - Silence (2020)