The Cravings - Chulchulhan Yeoja (2013)

The Cravings - Chulchulhan Yeoja (2013)

Drama | 10 min

5.4 719 10 0


All singles want to try it and eat it! The story of a single woman's gluttony.
{Episode 1- The Taste of Going Home From Work} - Stress at work? Eat more. It's all that lasts.
{Episode 2- Taste of Taboo} - Maybe you'll regret it once you bite it but you have to taste it to know what relationships are like.
{Episode 3- The Taste of Misfortune} - The more you lose, the lighter you get and the bigger freedom gets.
{Episode 4- Unexpected Taste} - There are times when it doesn't seem tasty but it actually is. The same goes for people.
{Episode 5- The Taste of Friendship} - There's nothing better than a good friend. The kind that fills you up to the soul.
{Episode 6- The Taste of Balancing} - Let's not worry about the things that aren't here yet or bother me. Life is just a meal until the day you die.

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The Cravings - Chulchulhan Yeoja (2013)