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Suspect X - Episode 1

The Devotion of Suspect X (2008)

A male body is discovered. He is strangled to death where his face pulverized beyond recognition and fingers burned to a crisp. Utsumi Kaoru (played by Shibasaki Kou) is assigned to the case. The police face great difficulty in cracking the case. Thus, she seeks advice from brilliant physicist Yukawa Manabu (played by Fukuyama Masaharu), aka Detective Galileo. 

After analyzing the case, Yukawa suspects that the true genius behind everything is Ishigami Tetsuya (played by Tsutsumi Shinichi), the neighbor of the victim's ex-wife. Ishigami happens to be Yukawa's college friend whom he regards as a true mathematics genius.

Elaborate bluffs, false testimonials, loopholes in logic - all begin to appear in Detective Galileo's way as if intentionally placed as a challenge by someone with mathematical brilliance.