Sayounara - Sayounara (2018)

Sayounara - Sayounara (2018)

Drama | 1 hr. 26 min

7 719 10 0


High school student Yuki’s life in a sleepy coastal town is peaceful and stable but waves of turbulence rock her when her best friend Aya commits suicide. They had known each other since junior high, but this unexpected event plunges Yuki into new depths of doubt about her life and the people around her. She finds she isn’t the only one left floundering in the wake of Aya’s death as her classmates are caught in the ripples of the event and respond to it differently, some mourning respectfully, others spreading rumours and bullying, all putting on a front. What cannot be denied is that everyone has to carry on travelling the currents of life and living but some will face their changing world with sincerity.

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Sayounara - Sayounara (2018)