Run Off - Take Off 2 (2016)

Run Off - Take Off 2 (2016)

Comedy , Drama , Sport | 2 hr. 6 min

7.6 719 10 0


What does it take to form a women’s Olympic national ice hockey team? A few middle-aged women, a middle school student, and maybe even a North Korean defector? Kang Dae Woong is tasked with pulling together a women’s national ice hockey team in the hopes representing South Korea in the Winter Olympics. What he is able to assemble is a hodgepodge group of women -- Lee Ji Won, Park Chae Kyung, Go Young Ja, Jo Mi Ran, Kim Ga Yeon, and Shin So Hyun -- who can barely skate, let alone strike a hockey puck. Can this lackluster group form a team to even dream of making it to the Olympics? (Source: Viki)

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Run Off - Take Off 2 (2016)