Our Body - Aweo Badi (2019)

Our Body - Aweo Badi (2019)

Drama | 1 hr. 35 min

4.8 719 10 0


An overeducated, disenchanted woman, Ja Young, loses her ambition after many grueling years of studying for the public official exam. Which she has failed multiple times. One lonely evening, a beautiful, fit runner, Hyun Joo, glides smoothly past her. Intrigued by this celestial vision of harmony and grace, Ja Young repeatedly returns, hoping to meet the object of her curiosity. Ja-Young begins to jog. The pressure she has felt from other people begin to dissipate and vitality returns to her life. Ja-Young also picks up a part-time job. Hyun-Joo's life is not perfect.

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Our Body - Aweo Badi (2019)