Night Flight - Yagan Bihaeng (2014)

Night Flight - Yagan Bihaeng (2014)

Romance , Drama | 2 hr. 14 min

8.6 719 10 0


Three teenage boys Shin Yong-joo, Han Ki-woong and Ko Ki-taek, were once best friends in middle school, but they become estranged from each other once they enter high school. While Yong-joo and Ki-taek still remain close, Ki-woong becomes a jjang (Korean slang term meaning "best"), one of the strongest fighters in the school, and begins to hang out with Sung-jin's gang (Sung-jin's parents are powerful figures, making him a bigwig among his schoolmates). Yong-joo becomes concerned when he finds out that Sung-jin's gang is mercilessly bullying Ki-taek, an eccentric manhwa fan. Under intense pressure to get into a prestigious university because of his financially struggling single mother, Yong-joo develops an unlikely relationship with Ki-woong, who tries to break away from Sung-jin. But when Ki-taek learns that Yong-joo is gay, he betrays his friend and joins Sung-jin's gang in ostracizing him, telling them that Yong-joo has loved Ki-woong for years.

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Night Flight - Yagan Bihaeng (2014)