My Great Mother - Ma Ma Ni Zhen Bang (2020)

My Great Mother - Ma Ma Ni Zhen Bang (2020)

Sci-Fi , Comedy , Drama , Family , Fantasy | 1 hr. 31 min

4.4 719 10 0


Zi Ming's mother, Dr. Yuan, is a well-known genetic scientist who has strict learning and living requirements for Zi Ming. After her mother died in a car accident, the biological company where she lived gave a "bionic mother" 009 with Dr. Yuan's gene to Zi Ming and set strict assessment requirements. Zi Ming took No. 009 home. In order to pass the assessment of the biological company, Zi Ming was in danger during the process of "Bringing Mom". Fortunately, a good friend Rong Liang and his sister Xuan Xuan helped. The three little friends brought bionic mothers together to overcome various difficulties and explore the true meaning of "love and growth".


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My Great Mother - Ma Ma Ni Zhen Bang (2020)