My Dear Enemy - A Good Day (2008)

My Dear Enemy - A Good Day (2008)

Romance , Drama | 2 hr. 3 min

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Thirty-something Hee-Su is single, jobless, & miserable. She holds a perpetual sneer, showcasing all of the bitterness she holds against life and her ex-boyfriend Cho Byung-Woon. Meanwhile, Cho Byung-Woon is a fast talker and a known player with women. He's also a dreamer with little in tangible assets (Byung-Woon is jobless & currently homeless). Approximately one year ago, Byung-Woon borrowed $3,500 from Hee-Su. Since the loan, Hee-Su hasn't seen or heard from Byung-Woon. 

One day, when Byung-Woon cohorts at a racetrack with friends, he turns around to find Hee-Su standing over him and giving him a stare down that's reflective of all the disdain she holds for him ... or does she? Hee-Su demands repayment for her loan and not later today or tomorrow, but right now. Byung-woon doesn't have the money to pay her back, but he does have a lot of other girlfriends that would loan him the money. Thus, Byung-Woon and Hee-Su set out together to retrieve the money and possibly more.

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My Dear Enemy - A Good Day (2008)