Love, Again - Shall We Do it Again (2019)

Love, Again - Shall We Do it Again (2019)

Comedy , Romance , Melodrama | 1 hr. 52 min

6.2 719 10 0


Top K-pop composer, G-Feel, lacks inspiration and spends his days drinking after learning that his ex-girlfriend Yun Hee passed away in Vietnam. One day, he sees a clip on the Internet of someone playing the piano. It is Mi, a Vietnamese girl, who dreams of becoming a musician. Overwhelmed by unknown feelings, G-Feel arranges Mi’s piano piece into a trendy K-pop song, but he has no means to contact her. So, he impulsively leaves for Vietnam to look for the writer of that song. There, he accidentally accompanies Mi without knowing that she is the one he’s looking for. (Source: KoBiz)

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Love, Again - Shall We Do it Again (2019)