Last Letter - Ni hao, Zhihua (2018)

Last Letter - Ni hao, Zhihua (2018)

Romance , Drama , Family , Melodrama | 1 hr. 54 min

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Japanese director Shunji Iwai (Love Letter, April Story & All About Lily Chou-Chou) spins a tale about the beauty of letters, and revisits the familiar themes of young love and regrets, this time set in Shanghai, China.

All Yuan Zhilan left behind when she passed away were a letter and an invitation to a school reunion. Attending the reunion in lieu of her late elder sister, Yuan Zhihua (Zhou Xun) accidentally runs into Yin Chuan (Qin Hao), on whom she had a crush when she was younger. As old memories are evoked, and correspondences travel through different contexts and times, Zhihua slowly uncovers the intricate story of the trio.
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Last Letter - Ni hao, Zhihua (2018)