Into the Faraway Sky - Toku no sora ni kieta (2007)

Into the Faraway Sky - Toku no sora ni kieta (2007)

Adventure | 2 hr. 24 min

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A vast wheat field, a straight road that has no end, a sky without a single building in sight - This is a town in the country where time comfortably passes by. But this former paradise is now being stirred up by a fight amongst its people over constructing an airport. Having been brought to this town by his father, who is the leader of the group pushing for the construction of the airport, Ryosuke has transferred from a school and doesn't get along with the town bully, Kohei. But unexpectedly they find themselves becoming friends. What brings these two together is Hiharu, a girl who is always standing on top of a hill by herself. Hiharu's dream is to "see the UFO that abducted her father." Ryosuke and Kohei believe her story, and the three of them solidify their friendship. But the fight between the adults grows more heated day by day, and they even crush the modest dreams of their children. "I want to make Hiharu's dream come true - If a miracle won't happen on its own, let's create one ourselves!" This is their last summer vacation as boys. The feelings of Ryosuke and Kohei to help their dear friend are trying to reach out into the deep sky. [asianmediawiki]

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Into the Faraway Sky - Toku no sora ni kieta (2007)