Forever Love - Ai Qing Wan Wan Sui (2016)

Forever Love - Ai Qing Wan Wan Sui (2016)

Comedy , Family | 45 min

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There are three treasures in the Hua family. The mother Hua Zhi Qiao (Zhang Kai Li) is the unyielding pillar of the family whose two children become her only priority, especially as she is headed for divorce from a husband (Han Tong Sheng) who has strayed. However, her eldest daughter Jin Na (Liu Tao) refuses to accept any suitor because she has chosen to be with Wu Suo Wei (Huang Jue), a penniless single dad who travels all the way to Beijing to find a cure for his son. Her youngest son Jin Po (Ye Zu Xin) is an unambitious bum who is rushing to marry a girl that his fallen in love with at first sight.

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Forever Love - Ai Qing Wan Wan Sui (2016)