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Forest - Episode 1

Secret (2020)

Kang San Hyuk is the CEO of the investment company RLI. He is an air rescue worker with the 119 special rescue team. He disguised himself as a rescue worker to be able to know about a development project of the forest. He has memory issues, and cannot remember key details about his childhood. He longs to unlock the secrets of his past. Jung Yeong Jae was a resident of a surgical hospital who wanted to succeed. However, due to an unexpected incident, this ace doctor was sent to a deserted hospital in the middle of nowhere: Miryeong Forest. “Forest” tells the story of a man who has everything except a heart and a woman who has lost everything except her heart. They have what seems like serendipitous moments, but they meet in a mysterious forest – and the pair feel strangely drawn to one another. What is the key role the forest plays in their intertwined destinies…