Dung Duang Haruetai - As One's Heart (1996)

Dung Duang Haruetai - As One's Heart (1996)

Romance , History , Drama , Fantasy , Political | 1 hr. 20 min

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The story took place in the Himalayan region. The three neighboring states namely, Kasik(North), Bandurath(Middle) and Danta(South), had plotted against one another for a long time. Though brilliant,it was known that the King of Kasik was extremely brutal. So when the princess of Danta, the king's betrothed, was at the tripoint waiting to be escorted to Kasik, she decided to flee into Bandurath to seek refuge. After the Crown Prince of Bandurath took her into his protection, profoundly insulted and offended, the Kasikan king sneaked into Bandurath and abducted Darshika, the princess of Bandurath, to get even with everyone. Winter was coming, the mountain passes would be blocked soon and the Bandurathan princess was alone surrounded by her enemies. There were those who wanted war, and those who preferred peace. However in the midst of this political crisis, love quietly blossomed. While pride, prejudice, profit, politics played significant roles in this world, it would seem Darshika of Bandurath was the only one who could bring peace to the region.