Dok Ruk Rim Tang - Dok Ruk Rim Tang (2010)

Dok Ruk Rim Tang - Dok Ruk Rim Tang (2010)

Comedy , Romance | 50 min

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Dok Ruk Rim Tang is a story about a young woman named Anusorn whose father suddenly died. Upon returning home, Anusorn finds that her father's new wife has sold the house and left her with Hungtu, the dog, as her only piece of inheritance. Anusorn becomes suspicious that something is not quite right. She tries to find out the truth and almost gets killed in the process. 

Pathavee, a young photographer, constantly argues with Nuanjan (his mother) and Pavina (his older sister) about Janjira, a sexy actress and a younger sister of Jitree. Nuanjan and Pavina believe that Janejira only wants Pathavee's money. As a result, they try matchmaking Pathatvee with Patcha, one of their friends' daughter.

Pathavee buys the house from Jitree. Anusorn disguises herself as a boy named Ooth in order to go back to her old house to look for the truth inside the house. She becomes Pathavee's assistant. -

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Dok Ruk Rim Tang - Dok Ruk Rim Tang (2010)