Bunshinsaba 3 - Bi Xian 3 (2014)

Bunshinsaba 3 - Bi Xian 3 (2014)

Horror | 1h 40min

6.4 719 10 0


Li Na is told she is ready to be discharged from a clinic where she has been for five years to a more comfortable sanatorium, but must not get over-stressed because of her weak heart. Li Na says she only wants to see her five-year-old daughter, Xiao Ai, again. To be discharged she needs the consent of her family - her grandfather Professor Xu Dong Zhe and his wife have not yet agreed. Li Na accuses the clinic of conspiring with them to keep her there, and runs off, taking a train to Shanghai.

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Bunshinsaba 3 - Bi Xian 3 (2014)