Borg Mom - The Cyborg Mom (2017)

Borg Mom - The Cyborg Mom (2017)

Sci-Fi , Comedy , Fantasy | 35 min

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Buckinghum nursery school is a highly-competitive preschool where wealthy Korean families send their children. One day, a mysterious mom appears at the school with her child. Choi Go Bong developed a cyborg in the image of his late wife and to test its AI abilities, he is tasking the cyborg to parent his son and mingle with other moms at the competitive preschool, which he considers to be the ultimate test for his top-secret creation. When cyborg mom joins the PTA at Buckinghum nursery school and becomes a member of the invite-only Stylish Mom club, which is a high-status social club consisting of Buckinghum PTA members, she challenges the moms who are engrossed in acquiring higher status and bragging rights with her logical reasoning. (Source: MBC America)

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Borg Mom - The Cyborg Mom (2017)